Jeju Family Photos

This past summer I’ve photographed several families who live in or have visited Jeju. For this blog I’m showcasing images from three family shoots.

 The Daly Family


I worked with the Daly family before they left for summer vacation. We met at Hyeopjae beach a little before sunset and had a good time taking some casual family shots. Getting some family photos was especially important for them because their eldest daughter was going to university in the fall.

The photoshoot went really well and everyone was happy with the results. It’d be remiss of me though to not mention that at times I pictured myself having to watch my (now 2-year-old) daughter grow up and one day go to university on her own. It was a strange feeling, thinking how it is being a parent now, and just how demanding and lengthy the time of child-raising is.

Basically, mad props to parents everywhere, and get your family portraits done at regular times because your kids grow up fast!!

Adriana and Co.


Adriana visited Jeju from Singapore with her husband and 2 year-old daughter mostly for the purpose of celebrating her husband’s birthday. It turned into a pretty global birthday once her in-laws came from the USA to also join in the festivities.

Although the weather caused some troubles for us, we were able to capture some delightful family photos at their accommodation, the Lotte Hotel in the Jungmun Resort Area. It wasn’t easy rallying the children to pose and smile for all the photos, but Adriana remained in high spirits throughout the shoot and I’m grateful for having met and worked with her and her lovely international family.




Brother Dude Chris, Alyssa and William



I first got to know Chris (aka Brother Dude) over a few beers after playing ball hockey with him one Saturday night here on Jeju. He quickly become one of my very good friends.  It didn’t take long because it was so easy to befriend such a kind and selfless man, one who would always lend an attentive ear rather than speak, and advise and complement whole-heartedly rather than criticise.

I already miss the meat and booze nights where we would get stuck into deep conversations about life (in Korea), love (of our wives and kids), and the pursuit of happiness (with meat and booze). Speaking of his wife, Alyssa, and young boy, William, they too exhibit an incredibly warm and sincere aura which really pulled my family in to become close with them.

Sadly for those of us in Jeju, Chris has left to start anew back in Canada where he grew up. I’m just glad that we had the chance to spend a little bit more time together when we took some family photos in Samyang before they left.

Miss you Alyssa, William and Brother Dude Chris. I look forward to meeting up with you again soon and catching up over some Korean meat and booze.





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