Jeju Engagement | Raymond & Patty

A fun-loving couple from Hong Kong + two great outdoor locations = an entertaining and successful Jeju engagement photo session.


A couple of weeks before Patty and Raymond came to Jeju from Hong Kong, Patty messaged my Facebook page and asked whether I could photograph their pre-wedding photos. She told me that something had come up with their other plans so they were urgently looking to find another photographer. Although it was a lot of work getting everything set up on such short notice, I agreed to be their photographer.

Shortly thereafter, things became a bit more complicated because Raymond PMed me and let me know that he intended on secretly proposing to Patty days before the intended shoot! I think Patty knew that this would take place but she didn’t know when or how it would happen. So I was busy talking with both of them separately about the logistics of both the proposal and the photo sessions.

I recommended a nice restaurant near their hotel (Co-Op City Hotel at Hamdeok Beach) and arranged for a big bouquet of flowers to be delivered there.  Raymond romantically proposed to Patty one night, even playing a song for her with the guitar he brought!  This is why you’ll see the guitar and flowers as props for their engagement shoot.

The next morning, I met up with them for breakfast and we discussed the plans for their engagement shoot and pre-wedding shoot. We settled on the O’Sulloc Green Tea Fields as well as the Isidore farm-house as locations for the engagement shoot.

We set out on Friday afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Patty and Raymond were very prepared with their wardrobe and with props so we were able to get some great Jeju engagement shots.

Below are a few sample images from the shoot. Click on any shot to view it in light box.


Next blog post will be about their pre-wedding shoot!

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