Jeju Anniversary | Eva & Vincent

Eva and Vincent came to Jeju to celebrate their 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I helped them capture some great memories to mark their special occasion on what proved to be an arduous but fun day of shooting.




You may be wondering why I would describe a simple anniversary photo session as arduous; it’s because no one had planned on trudging through hip-high tall grass at our first location. We also had to find a way into the pasture which also was a bit difficult as it seemed to be ‘private property’ (none of us could understand Korean very well so we could only assume the barred gate and barbed wire signalled ‘private’). I wasn’t about to let Eva and Vincent down though, as they came all the way from Hong Kong and dedicated a half day to our photo session, so we found a safe way in and started walking into the pristine grassland. It was dotted with picturesque trees which I knew would balance the couple nicely, and Hallasan loomed in the distance creating a perfect backdrop. We trudged through the grass (it really was thick and difficult to maneuver through) and found several trees to take photos near. I felt bad for Eva and Vincent but I could see that she also must have felt bad for Eric (my lighting assistant) and I. However, I was invigorated with energy and very thankful to Eva for finding and wanting to shoot at that spot! In the end, we all agreed that although it was tiresome, we got some great shots and really saw a beautiful area on Jeju.

For our second location, we drove to Gwangchegi Beach, located on the way to and just across from Sunrise Peak. We made a pitstop so Eva and Vincent could change clothes, and then we stopped at a small ‘selfie park’ (that’s what I would call it at least). It  was a small artificially created tourist park consisting of a narrow trail and lots of benches and framed spots for couples to take selfies within. The main draw for us was the lovely canola flowers which were blocked off so tourists couldn’t take photos within them (thus killing the flowers). I knew they would make a nice backdrop so we paid the 2,000 Won (~$1.60) to get in and got some nice shots.

Here are my favorite photos from the Jeju anniversary session with Eva and Vincent.




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